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Official Statement: Baton Rouge Incorporates Mall of Louisiana

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Official Statement from Committee to Incorporate the City of St. George

After numerous conversations with multiple attorneys over the last week, we DO NOT believe that tonight's annexation vote will invalidate our petition. We are continuing to move forward and will gather the remaining signatures to bring this to a vote. 

This annexation should take the argument that St. George will bankrupt the City of Baton Rouge off the table. 

This will not negatively impact the St. George budget - we have anticipated this and will make adjustments for that loss in revenue. 

We are concerned about the St. George Fire Protection District. If the City Parish Government doesn't do the right thing by them, we will. 

We hope that the City of Baton Rouge and opponents of this movement will stop trying to interfere with the democratic process. We WILL turn in the required amount of signatures and will gladly fight anyone in court who would choose to block our legal, democratic right to bring this issue to a vote.