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Response to Mayor Holden State of the City

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mayor Holden had the opportunity and platform to address the legitimate concerns of 107,000 residents of unincorporated areas of the parish. Instead, he chose to dismiss their concerns, belittle St. George supporters and vilify the incorporation movement leaders through factually inaccurate rhetoric.

On multiple occasions the mayor referenced this movement as nothing more than a small group of people looking to bankrupt the parish. In truth we are the voice of tens of thousands of families that have been taken advantage of and totally forgotten.  

The mayor inaccurately claims that St. George will bankrupt the parish but never addressed the fact that the city of Baton Rouge takes tens of millions of taxpayer dollars from the parish every year and spends it on the city. St. George may be the one thing that can save East Baton Rouge Parish from itself.

We will continue to ramp up our efforts to put this on a ballot and let the voters be heard.

Mayor Kip Holden's comments can be seen here:

Our rebuttal can be seen here:

Response to Mayor Kip Holden "State of the City" from St. George, Louisiana on Vimeo.